Ivan Kanis
Age: 44

Software expertise

Languages: C, Groovy, Java, Perl, Python, SQL, Shell script.

Administration: DNS, LDAP, Linux, Mail, SSH, Web.

Other: CMake, Embedded systems, Git, Jenkins, SonarQube, Visual Studio.

Professional Experience

2010-2017 Release Manager at MyScript Nantes, France

In charge of continuous integration and software escrow.

  • Set up Jenkins for the mobility team and give assistance.
  • Prepared software escrows every six months.
  • Documented the common software build system on the Wiki.
  • Took care of SonarQube upgrades.
  • Provisioned Linux LXC using custom scripts and Mac machine via NetRestore.
  • Updated software build chain integrity checks in Groovy.
  • Automated build of software with shell scripts, Python and CMake.
  • Migrated software configuration management to Git and Redmine, trained teams with new tools.

Various other tasks accomplished.

  • Wrote Wiki migration script from DokuWiki to Confluence. The Python code is released in GitHub.
  • Found contacts in Ireland for the data collect team.
  • Installed LDAP server and helped IT with a DNS maintenance script.
  • Automated update of Visual Studio online account with batch script and C programs.
2010 Freelance at Makina Corpus Nantes, France
  • Managed the port of Mastercard's audit software from Windows to Linux.
  • Evaluated the risk of taking over the maintenance of the software.
2010 Freelance at Touch'n Find Nantes, France
  • Wrote a customized Debian Live distribution.
  • Implemented backend of web site and create a new PHP framework called SVF for Ici New York.
2007-2009 Developer at Bouygues Telecom Nantes, France
  • Wrote improved data communication in C.
  • Installed and configured Subversion source control software with Apache and Python on Solaris.
  • Analyzed hardware needs for sixty developers and deployed Solaris and AIX servers.
  • Administered rack of servers.
  • Wrote test sheets to check the billing engine with Quality Center.
2006 Manager, Release Engineering at Accelrys Cambridge, UK
  • Hired new team and helped knowledge transfer.
  • Improved communication between Bangalore, Cambridge and San Diego teams.
  • Created plan for new build technology.
2004-2006 Senior Software Engineer at Tadpole Computer Ltd. Cambridge, UK
  • Created build script in Python and Makefile to create an embedded NetBSD system.
  • Released management of Sun Ray client Comet firmware.
  • Ported and configured various flavors of Linux for laptops.
  • Set up Xen virtual server so that several distributions of Linux and NetBSD could run on the same machine.
  • Developed touch screen driver in Perl and C for Linux.
2003-2004 Freelance Sophia Antipolis, France
  • Migrated 300 e-mail accounts from Exchange to Postfix for OPAM in Nice.
  • Taught Linux system administration for the IT staff of the port of Marseille.
2002-2003 Software Engineer at Intranetwork Limoges, France
  • Developed scheduling, phone book and material management software in PHP.
  • Added common functions used by different applications such as the calendar's display.
  • Wrote specifications for the material management application.
  • Refactored code to ease maintenance of the software.
  • Designed automatic generation of the user's manual in HTML and PDF formats from a single XML source.
1995-2002 Software Engineer at WRQ Seattle, USA

Linux expert, Managed the Verastream EAI server under UNIX.

  • Added multi processor functionality on Solaris with C.
  • Installed GNU g++ compiler for AIX, HP-UX, Linux and Solaris to build the product in C on all these platforms.
  • Rewrote the Makefile system from Opus to GNU in order to build the product on operating systems other than Windows.

Maintained the NFS driver for NT and created a SSH client for Windows.

  • Added NIS features on NFS under the NT kernel in C.
  • Ported the OpenSSH project from UNIX to Windows.
  • Created the GUI for SSH on Windows with Visual Studio.

Maintained the Reflection VMS and UNIX terminal emulator in C.

  • Maintained display and input functionalities for Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Thai.
  • Programmed an ability to resize window when displaying graphics in REGIS emulation by using metafile.
  • Reworked graphical interfaces and cleaned up code.
1994-1995 Software Tester at Microsoft Seattle, USA

Checked functionality of Japanese Windows 95.

  • Tested display of Japanese and quality of translation.
  • Wrote test suites to validate file operations.
1993-1994 Desktop Publisher / PC Technician at Shecom Ltd. Kobe, Japan
  • Designed and maintained the catalog of computer components in Japanese with PageMaker.
  • Installed and set up computers for an exposition in Tokyo.
1991-1993 PC Operator at Zennichi Shuppansha Tokyo, Japan
  • Wrote over 600 spreadsheet tables with Lotus 123.
  • Transferred tables to Excel and typeset with PageMaker to publish technical books.


BTS in computer science, option application development in 2011 at the acadeny of Nantes.

Scottish Highers AAAB in 1990 at Gillespies High School, Edimburgh.


Bilingual English and French.

Speak and read Japanese.


Bicycle and Judo (blue belt).

My references are available on request.