Ivan Kanis

This bit of the web is mostly a placeholder for my resume.

Please note that I am not looking for work right now.

I teach programming with Lisp or shell. Note that I use Emacs Lisp (elisp) so I won't give training for Common Lisp or Scheme. I also teach source code control with git. The courses are interactive and hands-on.

My current job is Release Manager at Vision Objects. We do cool hand written recognition. I take care of the build of our software. I manage the tools for our developers and testers. I prepare the software escrow which is a contractual obligation.

On my spare time I write software that you can download.

I publish a technical blog available in RSS, one big page or split up html.

You can contact me by e-mail at the following address: ivan@kanis.fr

If you prefer to chat I usually lurk on #emacs on Freenode IRC, my nickname is ivan-kanis.

I also have a french page.